It is a racket game, played with a yellow ball made of wool, on a court of fixed dimensions (12 by 24 metres) divided by a net. Ball badminton is a fast-paced game; it demands skill, quick reflexes, good judgment, agility, and the ability to control the ball with one's wrist. Games are usually played outdoors during the day. As a result, weather conditions wield a considerable influence, and ball badminton's rules allow the effects of weather conditions to be distributed more-or-less evenly between both teams. More recently, indoor versions of the game have been played under artificial lighting

How to Play

The game shall be played by five players a side, two fronts, one center and two backs with Ball Badminton rackets and woolen ball upon a court as laid out as per the diagram. Such a game shall be called a game of "Fives" and the game consists of 35 points. The game shall also be played by doubles or mixed doubles by two players a side, one front and one back with Ball Badminton racket and woolen ball upon a court with half the width of the court The length of the court and other details remaining the same as that of "Fives". But such a game shall be called a game of "Doubles" and it consist of 35 points as in fives.

Singles can also be played in Open or Invitation Tournaments by one player a side. The width of the Court will be the same as that of Doubles but the length will be half of the length of the Doubles Court and the game points will be 35 as in fives.

Sports Associations Details


Mr.M.A Karunarathna


Mr.J.A.S.R Jayasuriya


Mr.W.M.C.H Wickramasinghe

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693/2/90, super city , Nawagamuwa , Ranala.

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011 - 2539772
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