Obtaining information for National Youth Policy

The preparation of the National Youth Policy has already started and for that information is being sought from various parties dealing with the youth community.  If you are interested in it then complete the relevant questionnaire and send it to youth@moys.gov.lk on or before 25.07.2023.

If you need any clarification on this, please call the following phone number,

  Director (Youth Affairs) – 0112082168

List of questions:


1.  What are the challenges that young Sri Lankans between the ages of 15 and 29 face?

     Please list in order of importance.

2.  Please list the projects and/or programmes that your organization implements for young people.

3.  Which of the challenges that you listed in (1) above, do these programmes address?

4.  How effective have your programmes been in addressing the challenges that you identified?

5.  What are the constraints that make it difficult to implement your programmes and have positive impacts on your target group? (Please list five constraints at the most, in order of importance)

6.  What are the key institutional constraints at different levels, including that of the family, that you have prevented the effective implementation of youth development programmes?

7.  What are the important policy gaps that prevent the full and productive participation of youth in national life that you see?

8.  What needs to be done to address the constraints that you have identified in (5) and (6) above?